Scleral Lenses


Scleral Lenses

Custom made contact lenses designed using the newest Wave technology. These contact lenses are larger than RGP lenses and vault over the cornea, resting on sclera.

Each lens is prescribed with the exact specifications for a particular patient. All patients searching for the best possible vision would be considered a candidate but scleral lenses are useful when fitting irregular corneas, high astigmatism and dry eye syndrome. If you suffer from a corneal disease, including Keratoconus, or would like more information on these specialty lenses, please contact Elliott Eye Doctors to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

  • Keratoconus
  • Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
  • Corneal Trauma
  • Dry Eye Syndromes
  • Post Lasik
  • Corneal Transplant
  • Irregular Astigmatism
  • High Myopia – Over -6.00 D
  • Anisometropia

Improve Your Quality of Life

Scleral lens fittings performed at Elliott Eye Doctors can help improve your quality of life by restoring your vision and ocular comfort, as well as preventing further damage to the ocular surface. The main indications for scleral lenses are corneal irregularities and ocular surface diseases however patients with refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism) who are unable to wear other forms of correction can benefit from scleral lenses as well.

Scleral lenses functionally replace the irregular or compromised cornea surface with a new imperfection free optical surface. This corrects poor and distorted vision caused by corneal irregularities, disease, and degenerations such as keratoconus, corneal transplants and other corneal and post refractive surgeries, traumatic corneal injuries, corneal lattice dystrophy and many more.

For many patients that suffer with corneal disease or diseases that affect the ocular surface, scleral lens treatment can be the ideal treatment capable of restoring vision and dramatically reducing eye pain and light sensitivity. Because of these amazing properties, these lenses have even been referred to as prosthetic and therapeutic devices.


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